Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is EvolutionScript installed on my web server or hosted with you?

EvolutioScript is a self-hosted platform giving you complete control over your installation and customer data. If you need help getting it installed, one of our experts can assist you with installation.

2. What are the server requirements for EvolutionScript?
Requirement EvolutionScript 5.9.3 EvolutionScript 6.0
PHP version 7.2, 7.3, 7.4 7.4
PHP Extensions Curl with SSL
GD2 Image Library
MySQL version 5.2 Latest 5.7
Ioncube loaders v10.4.5 or later v11.x


3. Can I customise my installation/make it match the rest of my website?

Yes absolutely. EvolutionScript has been designed to be easy to customise and integrate seamlessly into the rest of your website. The frontend - the part your users get to see - is fully templated and all accessible for you edit and customise.