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CoinMkr - Sister site for cryptocurrencies

Published on Jun 30th, 2023 07:17 pm

We are happy to announce the launch of our syster site called CoinMkr.

CoinMkr will never stored your private keys nor secret phrase, CoinMkr will help you to accept crypto in your website with no commissions and all funds are directly to your wallet.

We are going to support Bitcoin, Litecoin, Doge Coin, Tron, Matic (Polygon), Ethereum and BNB (Bep20).

Our service is based on credits and their consumption by our API, so you can receive a million of dollars and full amount is going to be transferred directly to your wallet without a middle man.

CoinMkr is in Beta Phase and during this period you can double up your subscription, for example if you purchase a Medium Plan for 1 month, then you will receive 2 months.

If you find any bug or issue regarding our API or Hosted Checkout service, then you will be compensated too!

Take a look to our new service here and forget those sites that requests you KYC to accept crypto without your own wallet nor private keys.

CoinMkr is going to be added in v6.3.2 on July 7th but free addons for its integration will be available tomorrow July 1st.

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