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EvolutionScript v6.4 and FortuneWall

Published on Aug 08th, 2023 01:25 pm

We are happy to announce the release of v6.4 with important changes:

  • HTML tags is allowed for maintenance message.
  • Setup/Proxy Settings moved to Setup/Security
  • Setup/Captcha Settings moved to Setup/Security
  • Added Logs menu in admin panel, it's necessary to update admin permissions to be able to access to this menu.
  • Payment gateways configuration updated to be able to make modifications before activate a processor.
  • Admin can Enable/Disable new registrations.
  • Admin can Enable/Disable new registrations with referral link only.
  • Admin ca set the withdrawal days for each membership.
  • CoinMkr added to payment processors.
  • FortuneWall added to offerwalls, you can open an account here:
  • Offeroc and MediumPath were removed.

Open a support ticket if you have a custom addon and you think it needs to be updated.

Fortunewall addon for oldest versions can be downloaded here:
EvolutionScript v6.3 to v6.3.1:
EvolutionScript v6.0 to v6.2:




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