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6 months license $45.00 USD $45.00 USD every 6 months

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Footer Link Removal - All pages.
Remove our link " Powered by EvolutionScript Version x.xx" from your site
$25.00 USD
Matomy Offerwall
Matomy Money gives publishers a complete set of alternative payment solutions for the monetization of social media applications, online and freemium games, MMOs and other players within the online marketplace. Now this is available for EvolutionScript
$50.00 USD
Monetize your website adding CrowdFlower in your site, they provide tasks that have to be completed by your members.
$55.00 USD
Guest Purchases
Allow guests to purchase advertising, it allows to members earn for referring people to buy ads and integration of payment processors
$200.00 USD Offerwall offers a better way to monetize your online game content or loyalty programs.
$50.00 USD
Kiwiwall Offerwall
Offerwall that contains unique offers that many offerwalls don't have. Including International offers and extremely unique surveys, videos, mobile and click offers - add this wall to make more money from your site.
$40.00 USD
SupersonicAds Offerwall
Monetize 100% of your user base through video and engagement campaigns. You earn great revenue and high payouts per engagement
$50.00 USD
SuperRewards Offerwall
Maximize the revenue on your site with highly-engaging offers.
$50.00 USD
Global Performance Marketing & CPA Affiliate Network. AdWork Media's monetization solutions are the ultimate platform for content publishers, website owners, and online game & service developers.
$50.00 USD
TokenAds Offerwall
TokenAds generates revenue for publishers by allowing their users to 'earn' game currency through targeted offer engagements.
$50.00 USD
TrialPay Offerwall
Make More Money With Exclusive Deals, another good offerwall
$50.00 USD
PeanutLabs Offerwall
Thousands of Offers in 40+ countries
$50.00 USD
Turn your users into revenue, while your users earn virtual currency in your games/apps by completing offers, watching videos, and engaging with brands.
$50.00 USD
Bot System
Automated referral system where admin can create referrals and control click values, avarage and much more for each membership
$70.00 USD
Revenue Shares
Do you want to offer Company Shares (or referral shares as you want to call it), this addon make it possible, you can promote it trough "free advertising pack" for each share purchased
$50.00 USD
Traffic Exchange
Add the traffic exchange to your site, you can choose between manual or autosurf, set the prices to sell credits to your members, give them bonus for visiting a certain amount of sites and much more.
$50.00 USD
PTC Memberships (Fixed earnings)
Do you want to set fixed earnings in some/all ptc categories?. Set fixed earnings per click, referral click, rented referral click for each membership instead of percentage of ad value.
$50.00 USD
Clixgrid Clone
Easy game to atrack more advertisers and get more profits. Demo:
$45.00 USD
Facebook Connect (allows to login/register/connect member acount with facebook)
Socialize your site. Your members would be happy to use their facebooks accounts through your site. It can be used to register a new account or for members login.
$55.00 USD
Allows to the system to autorecycle the rented referrals that never makes a click, you can set different days for each membership.
$70.00 USD
Referral Levels
Allows to your members earn per referral upgrade or referral commissions up to 7 levels
$75.00 USD
Fixed PTC Advertisements
Do you want to sell PTC Ads for a certain amount of days instead of credits? This is your best choice.
$60.00 USD
Points Contest
Encourages your members through contests using their points, give them cash prizes!
$65.00 USD
Referral Contest
Do you want that your site grows faster? Make a referral contest and give to your members cash prizes, you will see that you will have alot of members in a short time!
$65.00 USD
PTC Autosurf (view the ads using autosurf)
Give the option to your members to view the ads using autosurf, you can sell this option and also can change the earnings rate if member use this addon
$40.00 USD
Live banner (statistics - fully customizable)
Allow to your members display their earnings in a banner, or just your site statistics. You can choose the image to display, colors and much more.
$45.00 USD
Head-Tail Game
Classic game where member have to choose between head or tail, admin can control the probability that player win.
$10.00 USD
Crack the vault (Game)
This is a game where member has to guess the number to unlock the vault, if he fails, part of the bet goes to the jackpot and the other one goes to admin pocket :).
$35.00 USD
Send money (members can send money to other member)
Allow to your members to send money from account balance or purchase balance to other accounts. Admin can set a fee for each transaction or deny transfer to free members.
$35.00 USD
Template integration
Do you have a design and want to integrate it to your site? We can do it for you.
$40.00 USD
Script installation and configuration
If you want that one of our staff install the script for you
$35.00 USD