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EvolutionScript v6.3.1

Published on Apr 27th, 2023 11:03 pm

We are happy to announce the release of v6.3.1 with important changes:

  • Proxy checker is added (Setup → Proxy Check).
  • Added a new option to cronjob commands for a better performance.
  • Issue opening forum links in new window fixed.
  • Issue repairing statistics is fixed.
  • Issue opening some URLs from banner ads / text ads / link ads / login ads due special HTML characters fixed.


EvolutionScript v6.3

Published on Apr 03rd, 2023 10:52 am

We are happy to announce the release of v6.3 with important changes:

  • Compatible with PHP 8.1, PHP 7.4 is deprecated so it's necessary to upgrade your server to PHP 8.1 to avoid problems of compatibility in the future. For v6.2, we are going to offer support until April 3th 2024.
  • IP Country database updated.
  • Added point system for Video Ads
  • Added minimum payout for each payment gateway according to each membership.
  • Added option to publish PTC ads without iframe for advertisers.
  • Walloffer removed, we received many complaints about this offerwall and administrator does not answer us any email. Project seems to be dead.

If you are planning to upgrade to v6.3, then read carefully the instructions.

Addons from v6.2 are not compatible with this version because of changes in Ioncube loaders version, so we are offering free update of custom addons and you can make this request until April 30th.

EvolutionScript Release Date

Published on Mar 30th, 2023 09:06 pm

EvolutionScript v6.3 will be released on April 3th at 10am (GMT-5).

This new release will be compatible with PHP 8.1 and ioncube loaders v12.

Your custom addons from v6.2 won't work in this new version, for this reason we are going to offer free update of these addons (from v6.2 to v6.3). So you don't need to be worry about this update. Just open a ticket requesting your updates after v6.3 is released.

PTSU patch

Published on Mar 10th, 2023 04:55 pm

Bug with PTSU where ads are displaying to everyone without take consideration of country filtering is fixed.
Download script from client area and upload /includes/models/Ptsu.php

BitLabs offerwall

Published on Mar 06th, 2023 04:28 pm

BitLabs offerwall was added to our store, you can find this addon in your client area.

Coupon Code Addon

Published on Mar 06th, 2023 01:54 pm

New addon Coupon Code was added to our store.

Create coupons code and give them to your members, assign some benefits to coupons like money for account balance, money for purchase balance, PTC credits, Video ad credits, Link credits, Text ad credits, Banner ad credits, PTSU credits or Login ad credits.

You can find this addon in our store.

13th Anniversary

Published on Mar 03rd, 2023 07:51 am

Dear valued clients,

We are thrilled to celebrate the 13th anniversary of our software's creation. It has been an incredible journey, and we are grateful to have had your support along the way.

Your feedback and loyalty have been instrumental in shaping our product and enabling us to continually improve and innovate. We appreciate the trust you have placed in us and our software, and we are committed to delivering the best possible experience for you.

We look forward to many more years of working together and providing you with top-notch software solutions. Thank you again for being a part of our journey and for helping us reach this milestone.

We understand that our success is due in large part to your loyalty and trust, and we want to express our gratitude in a tangible way. These coupons can be applied towards any of our software products, including upgrades and add-ons.

EVO13TH : Receive 10% off in any purchase.
EVO13THPRO : Receive 25% off in purchases greather or equal than $200
* Discounts are available until March 10th.

Daily Bonus addon

Published on Mar 01st, 2023 06:14 pm

Compatible with 6.2 or higher. Assign tasks to members to complete each day and give them a cash bonus. Admin can assign tasks like PTC ads, Video ads, Points, Offerwall completes, forum posts, *clixgrid clicks and *traffic exchange views.
(*) It is available if you have those addons.

Addon is available in our store.

Point Contest Update

Published on Feb 28th, 2023 02:14 pm

Point Contest addon has been updated to v5.0, it allows you to create new contest and reset stats when it is created or remove stats when contest expires.
This update is thanks to owner.

PTC Offerwall update

Published on Feb 28th, 2023 11:40 am

We have updated the PTC Offerwall fixing the postback to user sites, you can download this addon from client area.